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  • Will it still be fresh if I order it for the night before serving day?
    We highly recommend ordering on the day you plan to consume it. Graze boxes taste best when they are the freshest. However, if you have no option, then we recommend removing crackers from the box or board.
  • Do we refrigerate upon receiving?
    Yes, if you plan to enjoy it later in the day you will need to refrigerate your order. Take it out 20mins prior to consumption.
  • Is blue cheese one of the artisan cheeses served?
    It sure can be! Blue cheese is a stronger flavoured cheese, so we do not usually add it, unless it is requested.
  • How does delivery work?
    Delivery routes are made depending on locations and the number of orders in specific areas. We cannot guarantee a specific time. However we can strive to organize orders into delivery windows. (For example, 11-2pm or 2pm-4pm).
  • What if the receiver will not be home?
    Since our products are perishable, it is your responsibility to ensure the receiver will be home that specific day. With a large volume of deliveries, our drivers cannot wait for homeowners to return home. If the door is not answered within a few minutes, the order will be left by the front door.
  • Do you deliver to condos?
    Yes! We do deliver to condos. Buzzer numbers must be included upon ordering to ensure smooth delivery. Our drivers will not go upstairs to deliver on specific floors. Receivers will be called to come receive their order in the lobby or it can be left with the concierge if they allow.
  • I have a nut allergy, can I still order?"
    We are NOT an allergen free facility. Cross-contamination is always a risk. We do not guarantee nothing will come in contact with nuts or tree nuts. You know your allergy best, please order at your own risk.
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